This course is an introduction to designing for and publishing to the world wide web. We will learn how the web works, and then add our own web pages to the web.

I. Technical Foundations of the Web

The first two weeks of the course will explore the technical foundations of the world-wide web, which will include:

  1. HTML & CSS
  2. The importance of linking
  3. The underlying technical infrastructure of the Internet & Web (servers, browsers, search engines, TCP/IP, and DNS)
  4. The history of the web

II. Design

During the second two weeks, we will transition to design, which will include:

  1. Learning about design principles
  2. Critiquing the designs of others
  3. Learning how to borrow ideas
  4. And finally, using what you learned in the first two weeks to implement a design of your own

III. Server-Side Content Management Frameworks

Weekly Overview

Week Unit Topic
Week 1 I. Technical Foundations Intro to HTML & CSS; using web and coding tools
Week 2 I. Technical Foundations HTML & CSS fundamentals
Week 3 II. Design Instantiating design principles using HTML & CSS
Week 4 II. Design Creating and Instantiating a Style Guide
Week 5 III. Content Management Servers Intro to WordPress & CMSs
Week 6 III. Content Management Servers Final project critiques, revisions, and presentations

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