Week 1: Intro To HTML & CSS

Weekly Goals

  • Getting some hands-on experience working with HTML & CSS
  • Understanding the difference between HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and what each language does.
  • Working with a Text Editor (Sublime or ShiftEdit)
  • Learning about some basic HTML tags

Day 1. Intro to the Course

Monday, 6/20

Assigned Readings & Videos

Assigned Homework

  • Homework #1: Web Worst, due Sunday (6/26) at midnight


  • Syllabus overview, course expectations, and preview of the course


Day 2. Intro to Web Languages

Tuesday, 6/21

Assigned Readings

Useful References


  • Review: What tags did we use yesterday? What styles did we use?
  • Slides 1: Intro to Web Coding
    What are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and how do they work together? How do I use the built-in browser inspector? Overview of basic HTML tags.


  • Exercise: Using the Browser inspector to hack the BCC website
  • Handout 1: Configuring your cloud-based code editor.
    We will sign each of you up for an FTP account.
  • Group Activity: Uploading your work from yesterday onto the server:
    1. Download it from Code Pen
    2. Unzip the resulting folder
    3. Rename the folder to a1 (for Activity #1)
    4. Upload it to ShiftEdit
  • Activity 2: HTML tag practice (finish Wednesday)
    Practice using basic HTML tags and various media tags
  • If time, begin your Web Worst homework.

Day 3. HTML Overview & Practice

Wednesday, 6/22

Assigned Readings and Videos Please review the following 3 HTML pages and watch any included videos:


  • Course announcements: labs, last day to add or drop, contact info?
  • Live demo on ShiftEdit


  • Server Do-Over: Configuring your cloud-based code editor with ShiftEdit.
  • Finish Activity 2 (Turn In): Practice using basic HTML tags and various media tags. Due at the end of class
  • Begin your Web Worst homework

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