Week 3: Intro to Design

Weekly Goals

  • To be able to evaluate and critique existing websites
  • To apply design principles to your own website creations
  • To provide and be open to feedback and revision


Day 7. July 4th Holiday

No class.

Day 8. Intro to Design

Tuesday, 7/5


  • Homework 3: Design, Part 1, due Sunday (7/10) at midnight

Assigned Readings & Videos

Intro to User Experience (skim):

Effective website design. 3 perspectives:


  • Slides: Introduction to Design
    • What are some important design principles, and how are they used by all of the most popular websites?
    • Analysis of some existing websites: what principles do they instantiate and/or break?


Day 9. CSS Layouts from Scratch

Wednesday, 7/6

Assigned Readings & Videos

  • Please review the course's CSS section, and watch the Lynda.com Videos on CSS. Think of this section as a reference, more than something you have to read end-to-end, but you will be responsible for this material for the test.


  • Slides: Implementing layouts
    • Understanding the box model and display options
    • Using the CSS properties and values, with HTML, to get the layout you want.


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