Week 4: Implementing Design Principles in Code


  • Exam #1 is scheduled for next Tuesday, 7/19. Study Guide available.
  • Homework 4 Assigned, due this Sunday, 7/17, at midnight.

Weekly Goals

  • Learning how to instantiate a style guide in CSS
  • Get practical experience working with templates (i.e. other people's code)
  • Continue developing your UX / UI skills
  • Intro to WordPress

Day 10. Learning from Other Designers

Monday, 7/11

Assigned Readings & Videos


  • Gathering inspiration from others; using templates & style guides


  • Finish Activity 8: Layouts, upload your Code Pens to CPanel, and submit on the Moodle.
  • Activity 9: Create your style guide by gathering textures, colors, fonts, and icons
  • Activity 10: Apply your style guide to a template of your choice

Day 11. Catch Up and Review

Tuesday, 7/12 Lecture


  • Complete activities 8 and 9 and submit them
  • CSS Quiz

Day 12. Intro to WordPress

Wednesday, 7/13

Assigned Readings & Videos

Go to Intro to WordPress section of this eBook, read the following articles:



  • Begin WordPress homework.

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