What is the difference between categories and tags? 4:16
Using categories and tags 3:30


Categories and tags help to organize and cross-link content. Categories are hierarchical, and all posts must be filed under at least one category. For instance, if I were creating a music listening site, I might:

  • create a category for each genre of music I was posting,
  • create a post for each song I was sharing, and
  • file each post (song) under the appropriate category, for easy browsing.


Tags on the other hand, are a secondary method for categorizing content, and often used to cross-list content or link similarly themed content together. For instance, if you were designing an online clothing store, you might have categories for each clothing type (jackets, pants, t-shirts, etc.), but you also might want to allow your users to also browse clothing by color, fabric, or name brand. Tags can help you do this.

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