How WordPress handles media 3:04
Adding images to posts and pages 8:13
Creating image galleries (simple) 5:30
Using featured images 3:44
Adding media from other sites 6:17
Adding content from YouTube & google maps 4:33
Working with audio & video
Note: best to use a hosted media service for audio and video.
Managing media 5:11

WordPress has a convenient media gallery that helps you manage all of your media files. Some highlights:

  • WordPress scales your media types for you.
  • WordPress allows you to organize media into galleries, and insert entire galleries into pages and posts.
  • It is suggested that audio and video are embedded from other hosted media providers (SoundCloud, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), because hosting your own media gets complicated.
  • There are a variety of media plugins that can make your media much more customizable, interesting, and interactive. Those will be explored later in the course.

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