POSTS Videos

Understanding posts 1:59
Pages versus posts 2:19
Creating a new post 1:38
Introducing the post editor view 3:55
Creating and formatting your first post with the content editor toolbar 13:01
Creating and editing links 4:27
Using revisions (optional) 3:30
Publishing and scheduling posts (optional) 4:12
Truncating posts using excerpts (optional) 5:43
Using post formats (optional)
Note: this has been deprecated in favor of newer plugins. Don't use them.

Posts are the most common WordPress type, and are defined (in this video as):

An article, or a photo, or a video, or anything you publish that shows up in a stream. If you visit a magazine, or newspaper, or blog, or pretty much any type of publication online, what you scroll through are Posts.

In addition to this generic definition, other kinds of content can best be presented using a post, including:

  • an item for sale
  • a item that belongs to a collection of other items
  • a status update
  • a news article

In the Pages versus posts video, the instructor suggests that posts are usually time-dependent, and tend to make more sense in a collection of other posts. Pages, on the other hand, handle more static content, and are often accessible from the navigation menu.

Read more about pages in the subsequent section.

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